Top 5 Tips for Sea Kayaking with Your Dog

Are you intrested Sea Kayaking with Your Dog? If you’ve ever spent time on the water, you’ve probably already seen at least one other paddler cruising around with their furry companion on board.

Did you find yourself wondering how the heck they got their dog to sit still long enough to truly enjoy paddling? Luckily, it’s not as difficult as you might think! These five tips will help you and your furry friend have an amazing time on the water together.

Preparing your Dog for his first paddle

It’s important to begin socializing your dog from a young age. Don’t be alarmed if your Dog is afraid of their kayak at first. it’s natural and he just needs to get used to his new surroundings.

As long as you start early enough, any dog can be comfortable cruising around in their own kayak within a few weeks! Make sure that you give him treats while you set up and take down his kayak, so he begins to associate positive experiences with being near his vessel. Start by taking short trips on calm water; do not head out into open water until your pup knows how to behave himself!

Getting your Dog comfortable in the boat

A properly fitted life jacket is crucial for a dog. A poorly fitted jacket can inhibit their paddling and limit their buoyancy. If your dog seems uncomfortable in her life jacket, try padding it out with a blanket or towel and make sure it’s not too tight at all around her chest. If she still seems unhappy, let her paddle to shore on her own; after a short break, try putting her back in again.

Some dogs just don’t like kayaks (and some are intimidated by them), so don’t force it if she really doesn’t seem to be having fun. It might be better to stick to hiking or swimming with your pup instead! But if your dog is having fun, keep going!

Restraining your Dog in case of emergencies

The most important thing to remember when paddling with your dog is that you’re responsible for his or her safety. And, even though dogs are better able to handle emergencies than many people give them credit for, most dogs don’t instinctively know how to react if you capsize in cold water. (They also lack survival swimming instincts.) For example, a frightened dog can easily jump overboard and pull its handler under if it’s not restrained properly.

Keeping your Dog safe from sharks

We all know that sharks live in and around sea waters, but most of us never have to worry about coming face-to-face with a shark, let alone losing our dog to a shark attack. But water sports can bring your pup very close to these potentially dangerous creatures. If you’re planning on taking your dog out on a paddleboard or kayak, there are certain safety precautions you should take.

Training commands that will keep everyone safe

Training your dog to keep a few important commands in mind while you’re on board will help everyone have a safe time. Start by teaching your dog to lay down or sit still whenever he’s on board, whether or not you have a paddle in hand.

Whenever you begin to feel uneasy about your dog moving around, simply say sit or down and your dog should immediately do so. If he doesn’t, use an appropriate correction (like a leash pop or choke) and hold him in that position until he stays seated for at least 30 seconds. Be sure to give lots of praise and petting when you reward him for his attention.

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