How Many Calories Do You Burn Kayaking?

How Many Calories Do You Burn Kayaking? If you’re new to kayaking, you might be curious about how many calories do you burn kayaking. Most kayaking burns between 350 and 600 calories per hour, but it can also vary depending on your weight, the kind of kayak that you’re using, and the type of workout that you’re doing. Read on to learn more about how many calories do you burn kayaking?

Calories Burned During Paddling

If you paddle for half an hour at a moderate pace, you’ll burn about 260 calories. A faster paddling pace will burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. If you decide to take your kayak out on a longer adventure, you can choose from many different types of kayaks to get there faster and continue burning more calories. For example, if you go out for two hours, you’ll burn about 700 calories roughly equivalent to running for one hour! When looking at weight loss and fitness goals, it can be helpful to visualize them by comparing them with familiar activities such as kayaking.

Calories Burned While on Deck

While kayaking, you burn a lot of calories on deck. For example, if you paddle for 2 hours at a moderate pace, you can burn between 600 and 1,000 calories depending on your weight. The average person burns about 2-4 calories per minute during an exercise session. Since each mile of paddling takes between 5-10 minutes (depending on water currents and wind conditions), if you paddle 10 miles in a day, you can burn 500 to 1,000 calories while resting that night! So while kayaking isn’t going to help you lose 20 pounds in one weekend (it won’t help shed them at all unless your diet changes) it is more active than sitting around watching TV or reading a book.

Calories Burned While in Deep Water

In order to calculate how many calories you burn while in deep water, you must know your weight and swimming speed. To convert between pounds and kilograms, multiply by 0.4536. In general, you burn a lot of calories when kayaking because it is a cardiovascular activity. Your caloric expenditure depends on your resistance level that is, your paddling speed versus your boat’s speed and direction as well as other factors such as air temperature and wind. For example, if you’re kayaking in choppy waters at 8 miles per hour (mph) with an average paddle stroke of 125 strokes per minute (spm), then you will be burning 225 calories in one hour using an online calculator like Fit Day or Active Calories.

Calories Burned Before, During, and After the Activity

Calories burned while kayaking vary by activity and intensity. The type of boat you’re using will also have an impact on your caloric burn. Here’s a general breakdown of calories burned while kayaking: before, during, and after activity.

Calories Burnt in Freshwater Versus Saltwater

Before you pick up your paddle, it’s important to consider that kayaking takes a different amount of energy in saltwater versus freshwater. In general, paddling a kayak against a river current requires more energy than paddling in open water and will burn more calories per hour. It also means that you can’t simply use average calorie burn estimates to figure out how many calories you’re burning when paddling. To accurately assess how many calories you burn kayaking, take into account any variables that might change how much effort is required for each specific outing (e.g., body weight, wind resistance).

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