Top 10 Best Rivers to kayak in Michigan

Best Rivers to kayak in Michigan, Rivers make up a large part of Michigan’s natural landscape. Michigan has over 11,000 miles of rivers running through the state, with many of them being perfect for kayaking. They provide habitat for rare and threatened species, as well as a source of drinking water. Rivers also offer a great way to experience nature and the state’s beautiful scenery. The best kayaking rivers in Michigan are recreational hotspots for people from all over the country. From scenic day trips to thrilling adventure runs, these rivers have it all. Find out what makes these rivers so special. So you want to go kayaking? If you’ve had a lifelong dream of paddling down the rapids of the world, this article is for you. We’ve put together a list of rivers for beginners and experts alike. Just pick your adventure level and get out there. Here are some great rivers for kayaking in Michigan.

Big Manistee River

The Manistee River is located in the northwest portion of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula and drains an
area about 1,780 square miles. The mainstream is 232 mi long, with a 671 foot drop in elevation from
the source to Lake Michigan.

The river begins near Baldwin and flows primarily southward to its mouth on Lake Michigan at Manistee. The name “Manistee” comes from the Ojibwe word “manisijiiwaki”, meaning “big fish”.

The Manistee River is the second-longest river in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It originates in northeast Delta County and travels through Gladwin and Midland counties before emptying into Lake Michigan, just southeast of Ludington. The river is a popular destination for Kayaking, fishing, and camping.

It is one of the most popular rivers for recreational fishing in Michigan, with more than 2 million fish being caught annually. It is known for having a large population of largemouth bass, crappie, northern pike, walleye, steelhead trout, and brown trout.

Platte River

Platte River is one of the most well-known rivers in Michigan. The area has been nicknamed “the place where time stands still. It starts in the Upper Peninsula and flows west through the Lower Peninsula, including parts of Marquette, Alpena, Grand Traverse County, and Ottawa County before emptying into Lake Michigan at St. Joseph. The river is famous for its trout fishing and kayaking. One of the best kayaking spots in the state, the Platte River offers a wide range of paddling opportunities from leisurely day trips to challenging multi-day excursions. The Platte River also has a rich history that can be explored by visiting many different historical sites along its banks.

Huron River

The Huron River is the longest river in Michigan, and one of the largest in the Great Lakes basin. The Huron River flows through the heart of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Settlers first settled along with it in 1825, attracted to its rich soil and abundant game. Now it is a favorite spot for fishing, swimming, kayaking, sailing, and more. The Huron River is home to many animals, plants, and insects. Many people come just for the river’s beauty or for some peace and quiet.

Grand River

If you’re looking for a destination with plenty of natural beauty, culture, and outdoor activities to indulge in, Grand River Michigan is the place for you. With over 500 miles of shoreline, Grand River Michigan offers some of the best kayaking and fishing opportunities in the country. Kayaking is a great way to explore the river and take in all it has to offer. The river has many different species of fish that are ideal for fishing, such as bluegill, bass, carp, crappie, and muskie. The water is usually shallow enough to keep you safe from rocks, but deep enough to keep it interesting. Explore the forests that cover most of this 8,000 square mile county. Hike along its many trails to find your favorite spot to take in all of its natural beauty. If you want to stay in town, browse through the shops and grab a bite to eat at one of its many delicious restaurants.

Crystal River

Crystal River is the perfect place for your next kayaking adventure. This beautiful piece of nature offers crystal clear water with a variety of fish, trees, and animals. The river’s watershed includes three major lakes: Kingsford Lake, Alba Lake, and Big Bay De Noc. Crystal River offers recreational points such as Kayak launching access points on the river’s tributaries at Kingsford Lake, Alba Lake, and Big Bay De Noc; beaches on Alba Lake; fishing access points on the rivers and lakes; ice fishing access point at Kingsford Dam. Whether you are an experienced paddler or a beginner, the Crystal River has something for everyone. With its stunning scenery and picturesque surroundings, it’s no wonder why this is one of the most popular spot in the state.

Sturgeon River

The Sturgeon River is an important resource for Lower Michigan. It provides many different recreational opportunities and freshwater fishing. The river’s water quality is also monitored by the State of Michigan and has been found to be very clean, with low bacteria and high oxygen amounts and a pH of around 7.8 (the average pH for rivers). The Sturgeon River begins in Mecosta County near the intersection of H-33 and M-60, where it flows into Lake Sinclair. From there it flows southward, then southwestward until it reaches the point where Ludington Creek flows into it just before its mouth on Muskegon Bay at Ludington.

Sturgeon River Michigan is a great place for kayaking. The Sturgeon River runs through the city of Sturgis, Michigan, and flows into the Little Black River. It’s an easy paddle with many places to stop along the way. You can start at Sturgis Dam or you can launch your boat from Fish Lake. The dam is at the head of the river, so it’s a good place to put in if you plan on paddling upstream. If you launch from Fish Lake, just follow the signs down to Fish Lake Road. From there, take a right onto Marlow Road then left onto West Shore Drive to find parking at Fish Lake. There are no major rapids on this stretch of river.

Pine River

Interested in kayaking and fishing? Visit Pine River Michigan. Pine River Michigan is a tributary of the Manistee River, with the headwaters located in Mancelona, Michigan. There are many rapids to choose from, for both beginners and experts. If you’re new to kayaking or fishing, this is the perfect place to try your skills without too much risk. If you already have experience, then this is a great place to take it up a notch. Whatever your skill level might be, don’t miss out on the fun of paddling down this beautiful river.

The area is also ideal for other outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, mountain biking, hunting, snowmobiling, and horseback riding. Visitors can also enjoy plenty of restaurants in nearby towns that serve up delicious foods. Pine River is a great destination for nature lovers or anyone looking to take a break from their stressful lives.

Rifle River

The Rifle River is located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It offers some of the best kayaking and fishing opportunities in the Midwest. The river has a variety of fish species, which include trout, smallmouth bass, walleye, pike, and whitefish. Other popular activities along this river are birding, hiking, canoeing, swimming, water sports, hunting, and snowmobiling. There are plenty of lodges near Rifle River that allow you to easily access these activities for your visit.

The river is calm and perfect for beginners, with only mild rapids that are easy for paddlers to handle. The Rifle River has many access points across its length, making it easy to put in and take out your kayak or canoe.

Flat River

The Flat River is a tributary of the Grand River in Michigan. It begins at the confluence of the Thornapple River and the larger Fish Creek, northwest of Eaton Rapids, then meanders generally eastward to Jackson. Flat River is located in southwest Michigan, and it’s part of the Kalamazoo River watershed.

Flat River Michigan is one of the best places in the world for fishing and kayaking. The Flat River is a great place to go for a peaceful day of fishing or paddling. It’s also home to many beautiful trees, wildlife, and natural resources that you can enjoy while exploring. Whether you are an experienced fisherman looking for some space to cast your line, or someone just wanting to get out on the water for fun, Flat River has plenty of opportunities for you.

Jordan River

Some people might not be too sure about kayaking, but Jordan River is a beautiful place to do it. Jordan River offers over 20 miles of paddling with the most amazing scenery you can imagine. It’s great for beginners, and they offer classes for people who would like to learn how to kayak in the future. The fishing is also amazing in this area. Jordan River has some of the best fishing in Northern Michigan, with nearly 300 different species of fish that call this area home. Come out and experience the beauty of this scenic area for yourself! Jordan River is waiting for you.


Michigan is an excellent state for kayaking and fishing. It’s loaded with pristine lakes, rivers, and streams that are perfect for the two activities. If you’re looking for a place to go kayaking, fishing, or both, Michigan has the perfect destinations for you.

The river is a beautiful and serene place to explore. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can also be a dangerous one. As a paddler, you have a responsibility for your safety and the safety of those in your group. We hope this resource will help you make the best decisions for your trip.

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