The 5 Best Kayak Rod Holders for Carrying Multiple Rods & Reels

Even the best kayak rod holders can’t make up for experience on the water, but they can help you keep your gear organized and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

You’ll want at least one or two of the best kayak rod holders, depending on how many rods and reels you’re carrying and what your tackle preferences are. Here are the five most popular models of kayak rod holders available today.

Image Product Details   Price
Best Kayak Rod Holders Kayak Rod Holders PLUSINNO Kayak Rods Holder Check Price
Best Kayak Rod Holders Kayak Rod Holders YAKATTACK Omega Rod Holder Check Price
Best Kayak Rod Holders Kayak Rod Holders Bekith Powerlock Rod Holder Two-Pack Check Price
Best Kayak Rod Holders Kayak Rod Holders Scotty #282-BK Baitcaster Rod Holder Check Price
Best Kayak Rod Holders Kayak Rod Holders Borogo Rod Holder Two-Pack Check Price

Best Kayak Rod Holders

PLUSINNO Kayak Rods Holder

Plusinno Kayak Rods Holder, made of high quality and eco-friendly material strong & anti-corrosion. The rod holder is totally made of high impact resistant heavy duty ABS which accommodates spinning, casting and spincast rod handles.

It is 360 degree adjustable to put your rod in the perfect position. Stainless steel hardware included for more stability on boat or kayaks.

YAKATTACK Omega Rod Holder

YAKATTACK Omega Rod Holder is a must-have for kayak fishing enthusiasts. This rod holder is designed to mount on the gunwales of your kayak and features a Lock N’ Load mounting base that works with YAKATTACK’s GT175 Generation II GearTrac mount tracks.

You can buy this rod holder without a mounting track if you already have one, but this rod holder can also be purchased with four-inch, eight-inch, or 12-inch mounting tracks (sold separately).

The Omega Rod Holder has been designed to work with many types of fishing rods including spinning, casting, fly fishing rods and larger conventional reels. It comes equipped with 360 degree rotating collar that captures the reel so you can quickly secure it and be on your way.

Bekith Powerlock Rod Holder Two-Pack

The Bekith Powerlock Rod Holder Two-Pack is perfect for kayak fishing. It comes with two different combo mounts: one can be screwed directly onto a flat surface on the deck of your kayak and the other is designed to clamp on a kayak with gunwale rails.

The holders themselves are completely adjustable up and down, as well as rotating 360 degrees around. This makes it easy to find just the right position that’s best for you while fishing in any type of water conditions or weather conditions.

All hardware used on these rod holders is stainless steel, which makes them highly durable and resistant to corrosion so they’ll last you years without having issues like rusting or breaking due to exposure to saltwater environments.

Scotty #282-BK Baitcaster Rod Holder

The Scotty #282-BK Baitcaster Rod Holder is a versatile rod holder for any angler. The baitcaster reel sits in a cushioned cradle while a front slot allows for a spinning reel.

The open bottom allows for the rod holder to accommodate trigger grips as well. Rods can be secured with a soft latching strap which snaps over the top for baitcaster or under the bottom for spinning reels.

The 438 Gear-Head Track Adapter quickly slides into place and locks down Scotty rod holders and accessories, this allows you to quickly change rod holder positions with just one twist of your wrist.

Borogo Rod Holder Two-Pack

This kayak fishing rod holder is a must-have for any angler. It’s made of high quality material and features corrosion resistant, hard to damage, durable PC+ABC that won’t bend or break.

The inside tube diameter is 45mm with an inner angle of 30 degrees designed head. With three fixing points it can quickly adjust your rod in seconds when you need it most.

The storage use includes attaching the holder to your kayak paddle and storing items such as nets on the other side so they’re not dangling around in your way while you fish.

This easy-to-install accessory comes with 3 screw holes for mounting to any flat surface – works with majority of kayaks – and has a sturdy 30 degree dangle designed head for quick rod adjustment.

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